Be Smarter than your Smartphone

Okay, let’s date ourselves. If you can remember stopping on a street corner, at a gas station, or in the grocery store lobby to use a pay phone to call your mom or dad, or a secret friend, then we grew up in the same era. With the drop of a dime, the pay phone … Continue reading Be Smarter than your Smartphone

All or Nothing = Imbalance

A friend of mine quit her stable, salaried job to pursue her dream of being a freelance writer. When friends and former colleagues see her they remark on how much younger she looks. “What are you doing?” they ask. “I left the stress and I’m taking care of myself,” she responds. Since leaving her job, … Continue reading All or Nothing = Imbalance

Lonely Together

When Kim met Mike, his social awkwardness was endearing. He hadn’t experienced many relationships, which was refreshing considering the kind of men she seemed to always end up with. Mike appeared to really enjoy spending time with her – he agreed to and even initiated going to the movies, concerts, and other social events.  And … Continue reading Lonely Together

Step Outside of Yourself

It’s no secret. People that we read about or see in the news today show evidence that empathy is an endangered emotion. From the highest to the lowest levels of human interaction, it appears that many have set aside a desire to feel another person’s hurts, worries, frustrations, or experiences. Instead, if it’s not their … Continue reading Step Outside of Yourself

Trigger a Healthy Response

“I don’t really celebrate Christmas,” a friend said to me as we chatted about holiday plans. “Really?” I asked. “Why not?” “While growing up, the holiday season in my house wasn’t a happy occasion,” she said, “so as an adult I chose not to celebrate.” For another friend of mine, the holiday season isn’t “official” … Continue reading Trigger a Healthy Response