Be Happy With You

For several years now, Dove has created ad campaigns around testing how happy women are with themselves. In the latest commercial, a forensics artist draws pictures of women based solely on self descriptions. He then draws another picture of them based solely on someone else’s description. He puts the pictures side-by-side so each woman can … Continue reading Be Happy With You

All or Nothing = Imbalance

A friend of mine quit her stable, salaried job to pursue her dream of being a freelance writer. When friends and former colleagues see her they remark on how much younger she looks. “What are you doing?” they ask. “I left the stress and I’m taking care of myself,” she responds. Since leaving her job, … Continue reading All or Nothing = Imbalance

Step Outside of Yourself

It’s no secret. People that we read about or see in the news today show evidence that empathy is an endangered emotion. From the highest to the lowest levels of human interaction, it appears that many have set aside a desire to feel another person’s hurts, worries, frustrations, or experiences. Instead, if it’s not their … Continue reading Step Outside of Yourself