Happy New Year!

It’s New Year’s Day, and you know what that means…b-8-1

Along with climbing out from under the effects of New Year’s Eve merriment,  it’s time to make those dreaded resolutions!

If you don’t already have a clue that just the very act of making new year’s resolutions sets you up to fail, I’m going to help you start the new year off with no pressure.


Make ‘em to break ‘em

Step 1: Make New Year’s resolutions that you can break without fatal results. For real. I’m not kidding! If you make resolutions that you know you won’t keep, you’ll relieve all of the pressure of trying to keep them and all of that guilt of failing.b-8-2.gif

For example, my resolution is that I’m going to switch to eating a vegan diet starting January 7 (‘cause you always have to start a resolution at the beginning of the week).

Now, I know that three days in I’ll be scrounging around for something to eat for breakfast, and the cheese in the fridge will be calling my name. So when I go ahead and make my delectable cheese grits, I won’t feel bad because I already knew that I wouldn’t stick to eating vegan anyway.

Another resolution is that I’m going to exercise for an hour, five days a week (that’ll start on January 7 too – remember the rule). Now, invariably, something’s going to happen to interrupt that plan because it always does – an unnecessary errand, a last minute appointment, sleep. So I won’t feel bad when I stop after three weeks, because I already knew that I would.

Set goals to strive for

Step 2: After you make some resolutions to break, set some goals to strive for. Make them b-8-3small and easy-to-reach rather than huge changes. While I know I won’t switch to a vegan diet, I will strive to eat more healthy than not. That could mean cutting out one unhealthy food per meal, or even eating a vegan meal multiple times a week.

While I know I won’t exercise for an hour, five days a week, I will commit to exercising 30 minutes, three times a week. See what I mean? I feel accomplished already!

This year, create goals that keep you moving forward toward growth and progress. And before you know it, that huge change that you always wanted to make but could never seem to conquer, will actually happen.

So, make ‘em, break ‘em, and conquer! And have a successful 2018.

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