‘Tis the Season, to Celebrate Life!

Can you believe the holiday season is upon us?! We’ve barely had time to pack up this year’s Halloween costumes and yet, already there are advertisements for pre-Black Friday/post-Thanksgiving Day sales.

For some, the holiday season sparks excitement and a note to self to put the finishing touch on the Christmas gift list. For others, this season signals a time of sadness because a loved one is no longer here.

You’re not alone if you don’t feel festive about the holidays due to the loss of someone near and dear to you. In fact, having the “holiday blues” is quite common. Sentimental reminders as well as stress from all of the hustle and bustle of holiday planning may at times cause us to long for those who are no longer with us.

What if you decided to celebrate the life and legacy of your loved one instead of focusing on the sadness of him or her not being with you? What difference do you think that would make for you and your family this holiday season? If you’re willing, give the following tips a chance to help you and your family feel joyful when remembering your loved one:

What Would Your Loved One Say? pic 3

A therapist asked a man grieving the loss of his mother, “What do you think your mother would say to you right now?” The man responded, “She would say, ‘I will always love you…now kiss my grandbabies and remember to use that recipe I gave you to bake my favorite chocolate chip cookies!’”

Embrace Traditions

                       pic 4

If your loved one created family traditions – special decorations, favorite recipes, or holiday activities – include them in your celebration. Mimicking family rituals with the same enthusiasm and passion the way your loved one did will allow him or her to remain a part of the festivities.

 Share Special Memories

 Ask family members to share one positive memory created with your loved one. Whether jokes, special sayings, or funny stories, sharing what made your loved one unique to each of you will keep you bonded to him or her, and to each other. After all, laughter heals.

pic 5

End with a Toast

Raise a glass of sparkling juice or some other beverage in honor of your loved one’s legacy and its meaning to you and each person he or she touched. Surround yourself with family love, laughter, and thankfulness to celebrate your loved one.


Celebrate instead of Being Sad

For more ideas on celebrating the life of your loved one this holiday season, check out the following website or others like it: https://www.loveliveson.com/100-best-celebration-of-life-ideas-2/

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